PicSight GigE Cameras - full-featured, cost effective

The PicSight GigE cameras offer all the features you expect from a professional industrial camera at a good price performance ratio. They are available with 26 different CCD and CMOS sensors with resolutions from VGA up to 5 Mpixel. Monochrome models are available as well as color cameras with optional onboard Bayer decoding.


PicSight cameras are also available with advanced features such as Power over Ethernet, an integrated lens controller, and a variety of optical filters as options.


The PicSight GigE is fully GigEVision and GeniCam compliant. Thus they work plug and play with all major image processing libraries such as Common Vision Blox or Halcon.


In addition, Leutron Vision offers the free Simplon Software Developer Suite, which contains a GigEVision / GenTL driver and many helpful tools for camera evaluation, testing and deployment, as well as a GeniCam compliant API with comprehensive documentation and a source code generator.

PicSight GigE facts

Sensors: CCD and CMOS, 8, 10, 12 bit
Resolutions: VGA up to 5 Mpixel
Color: monochrome or color with Bayer pattern on sensor
Lens mount: C-mount or CS-mount (option)
Optical filters: IR-cut filter is built-in as standard, others as option (see list)
Interface: GigEVision, 10/100/1000 Mbit
Lens controller: 3 channel, 10-26VDC motorized zoom lenses (with RTF option)
On board Bayer decoding: yes (with RTF option)
Power over Ethernet: yes - (with PoE option)
Dimensions: straight: 98 x 44,8 x 31,4 mm / angled: 102,3 x 44,8 x 32,4 mm
Housing options: straight or 90 degree angled
Digital inputs 1 x TTL, 2 x opto insulated
Digital outputs 1 x TTL, 3 x opto insulated
Analog Video out: yes (with RTF option)
Hardware LUT: yes
Memory: 16 MB
RS-232 inteface: yes
Operating voltages: 10 - 26 VDC
Maximum cable length: 100 Meter
Connectors: RJ45, 12-pin Hirose, 26-pin SDR
GigEVision compliant yes
GeniCam compliant yes
Image acquisition: any GigEVision Software or Simplon SDK