PicSight Software compatibility

PicSight Smart GigE cameras can be operated as normal GigE cameras and are GigEVision and GenTL compatible. They work with every software that supports these standards. Additionally, Leutron Vision offers the Simplon image acquisition API, free of charge. Simplon helps you to develop own image acquisition routines for integration in your own software with very little effort. The API for the PicSight Smart camera is very similar to the API for PC applications, so that image processing applications can be developed and tested on a PC and the be ported to the smart camera, very easily.

PicSight GigE / Smart GigE cameras support the following libraries:

  • Cognex Vision Pro – through GigEVision or through in Simplon integrated AIK interface
  • MVTec Halcon and ActivVision Tools – through GigEVision or GenTL
  • Stemmer Common Vision Blox – through GigEVision or GenTL
  • Future Processing Adaptive Vision – through GenTL
  • Compar Vision Expert – through GenTL
  • MathWorks MATLAB – through GigEVision or GenTL
  • Matrox Imaging Library MIL – through GigEVision
  • Native Instruments LabView – through GigEVision
  • OpenCV – through Simplon / integrated code sample


For programming the embedded CPU, ANSI C/C++ and the following libraries can be used:

  • OpenCV – through Simplon / integrated code sample
  • MVTec Halcon Embedded