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Image Acquisition Software

Note: Newer LVSDS version do not support PicSight cameras anymore. Please use Simplon Software Developer Suite for new projects.

Leutron Vision Software Development Suite, LV-SDS, is a universal software interface to Leutron Vision frame grabbers. It consists of various components targetting different programmer needs.

Most of the libraries (exceptions clearly documented) are available in versions for

  • Windows - 32-bit and 64-bit versions of all latest Windows incarnations (including Vista)
  • Linux - 32-bit and 64-bit versions, supporting all latest kernel (2.6.x) and compiler versions
  • VxWorks

Some of the special-purpose tools, such as firmware updaters, might be available in Windows versions only.
Besides the universal API's provided by LV-SDS libraries, Leutron Vision also ensures that its products comply with the latest industrial standards, such as GigE Vision and GenICam. The hardware (where applicable) can thus be connected to generic standards complying applications even bypassing the native LV-SDS interface.

User application
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The documentation for Leutron Vision hardware and software products can be obtained from the download area.

High Level Libraries (Close to the Programmer)

Orchid library should be the primary entry point for a programmer starting to develop an application with Leutron Vision hardware. The library (available as a C-interface DLL or as a .NET class library) provides easy to use, straightforward interface for the cameras' functinality. The documentation includes a step-by-step tutorial for programming with Orchid. The tutorial allows to grasp all the library principles efficiently in short time, as well as it allows to delve into the details where needed. Note however, that Orchid is currently only available for 32-bit Windows - if the application targets another system, the lower level libraries (Daisy and Sequencer DRAL) have to be used.

Image Preprocessing Library provides some of the most common image preprocessing (conditioning) functions. The functionality includes various Bayer decoding algorithms, LUTs, shading correction, format conversion as well as other basic image manipulations and file I/O. The library is independent from the rest of  LV-SDS - it can be used to process images acquired through the LV-SDS libraries, but also standalone. Note that part of the library functionality (eg. Bayer decoding or LUTs) is also implemented directly in some of the hardware models.

Camera Control Library is a special purpose library designed for configuration of Camrea Link cameras (PicSight-CL, but also many popular 3rd party cameras). The library provides a uniform, camera-independent API, shielding the programmer from model-specific communication protocols. LV-SDS also contains a simple test-tool built on top of the Camera Control Library - the tool demonstrates the entire library functionality and can be used to configure any connected camera through a simple GUI.

Low Level Libraries (Close to the Hardware)

The Daisy and Sequencer DRAL libraries implement a universal API, providing uniform access to all Leutron Vision hardware product families. Both libraries are well documented, including detailed step-by-step tutorials and are available for all the operating systems supported by LV-SDS. However, because the libraries are tightly coupled with the underlying hardware, while still providing universal API for all hardware families, the API is a bit more complex and learning curve more steep than in case of the Orchid library, sitting on top of them.

Interfacing with 3rd Party Image Processing Libraries

Because our PicSight cameras are fully compliant with the latest GigE Vision and GenICam standards, they can be directly connected to all major image processing libraries on the market, including (but not limited to):

  • Halcon & ActivVisionTools (MVTec Software)
  • LabView (National Instruments)
  • MIL, Matrox Imaging Library (Matrox)
  • Common Vision Blox (Stemmer Imaging)
  • VisionPro (Cognex)

On top of that, LV-SDS also provides native drivers for some of the image processing products. These drivers support the entire Leutron Vision hardware product range (not just the GigE Vision cameras). The drivers are available for:

  • Halcon & ActivVisionTools (MVTec Software)
  • NeuroCheck (NeuroCheck)

Multimedia Drivers

LV-SDS also provides interfaces for all the importants multimedia standards:

  •  DirectShow
  • Video for Windows
  • MCI

Documentation, Sample Code, Tools

The LV-SDS package comes complete with a thorough documentation for individual libraries, tools and hardware models. The manuals are encompanied by numerous code samples designed to help with quick & easy integration of LV-SDS in customer applications.

The LV-SDS also contains all the tools needed to configure the Leutron Vision hardware and software as well as tools to evaluate/verify the hardware/software functionality. The most important tools are:

  • PicSight Demo - application demonstrating functionality of the PicSight-GigE/USB cameras
  • PicPort & PicProdigy Demo - application demonstrationg functionality of all the Leutron Vision frame grabber families
  • Firmware updaters for individual hardware products
  • Camera Editor - applicatoin maintaining database of cameras recognized by LV-SDS libraries, allowing to add new or modify existing camera definitions

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