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PicSight CL - camera link camera

  • Digital Camera Family with 28 different Sensors
  • 8/10/12bit image acquisition
  • Best price/performance ratio on the market
  • Power over CameraLink or auxiliary power input
  • Optional RealTime image processing function in FPGA like Bayer decoder, LUT and color transformation matrix
  • Compact industrial metal housing
  • Easy single cable hardware installation
  • Usable with Leutron Vision PicPort Grabber family or any third party CL grabber
  • Firmware upgradable in the field

PicSight CL offers together with a grabber board the highest image acquisition bandwith into one single PC.

Also the latency from the image acquisition trigger until the image is tranfered into the PC memory is the shortest among all the interface technologies. Per grabber board up to 2 cameras can be connected, and depending your mainboard you can install several grabber boards in your PC. PicSight CL is fully compliant with the CameraLink Standard and can be used with any compliant grabber. However Leutron Vision supplies you with a big choice of grabbers out of the PicPort Camera Link family to provide the best fit for your application. Using PicPort CL grabbers, you take profit of the PoCL standard which powers your PicSight camera directly from the grabber.

PicPort Framegrabber with two PicSight Cameralink Cameras

Using one of Leutron Vision's PicPort Camera Link grabbers, you may use the Leutron Vision Software Developers Suite to program your image acquisition tasks. This API can be used for all Leutron Vision products and you can combine any hardware interface technology according the demand of each of your applications. More...

Using a third party grabber you can send over the serial interface of the camera link connector ascii based commands to the camera to select the desired mode of operation.