PicSight-Smart Programming Interface

The embedded programming environment of the PicSight-Smart cameras is widely integrated with Simplon.

The camera feature control is unified in PicSight-Smart and Simplon API's. The Simplon Source Code Generator can generate code snippets as well as full project templates for the PicSight-Smart programming environment.

The "smart" applications running on a PicSight-Smart camera can merge its own control features into the camera's feature tree - this way the host application (incl. Simplon Explorer itself) can naturally control the smart application running on the camera through the usual interface. The regular camera features can be locked by the smart application, so that it has full control over the camera.

Finally, the smart application can append arbitrary additional data to the acquired images or send asynchronous data messages to the remote host, all through the standard GigE Vision channels, usable from any GigE Vision compatible application. If desired, the image itself does not need to be sent over the network, the camera can stream just the processing results, minimizing the required link bandwidth.