Simplon Explorer

Simplon Explorer is usually the first tool to be started after installing Simplon. It provides all the features needed to immediately connect to the cameras, configure them and acquire images. The Explorer allows to "explore" the entire functionality of the cameras and software libraries in a comfortable graphical environment, without need for any programming.

In a second step, Simplon Explorer will assist during the development, providing information about camera features and allowing to generate source code snippets that can be used to quickly prototype the application skeleton. Being a "reference" Simplon API implementation, Simplon Explorer is also useful for debugging and troubleshooting.

Simplon Explorer functionality includes:

  • Discovering all cameras accessible in the system.
  • Connecting one or more cameras.
  • Providing access to full configuration feature trees of the connected cameras. The features are sorted into the categories and filtered according to the desired user level (beginner, expert or guru).
  • Seamless handling of feature dependencies, automatic regular polling for "volatile" features (such as camera tempererature).
  • The entire camera configuration can be stored at any time to a file - and reloaded back from the file any time later.
  • User can start/stop the image acquisition.
  • When using software-triggered mode, Simplon Explorer will allow to generate the software triggers "manually" or automatically with a specified time period. Multiple cameras can be triggered simultaneously.
  • Flexible options for displaying the acquired images or sequences. The images can be stored to a file (BMP, TIFF, JPEG).
  • Bayer decoding is performed automatically when needed.
  • Displaying brief information about every camera feature, optionally including programming hints (feature's data type, access mode or limits) and code snippets.
  • Tools for basic image preprocessing functionality, such as white balancing, gamma or brightness/contrast settings.
  • Utility dialogs to control complex or repeating features - such as digital I/O.
  • Decoding and display of additional information optionally attached to individual image buffers by the camera (so called chunk data) or information delivered through asynchronous messages (event data).
  • The built in code generator (described separately below) can generate various kinds of sample code for Simplon API, allowing to create an application prototype in no time.
  • Based on the cross-platform Qt GUI framework, offering equivalent functionality under Windows and Linux.
Simplon Explorer info window