Source Code Generator

The Source Code Generator is a development assisting tool built in the Simplon Explorer. Its purpose is to help the developer to quickly start a Simplon application as well as to extend it later with more functionality. Instead of a set of fixed, single purpose code examples, Source Code Generator provides a configurable interface to generate sample code matching the actual application need. The Source Code Generator lowers the time spent studying documentation, generating source code snippets directly for the features you are working with in the Simplon Explorer environment.

The Source Code Generator capabilities include:

  • Generate source code snippet to read/write the camera feature currently selected in the Simplon Explorer's feature tree. The source code for the selected feature will be optionally displayed in Explorer's info panel together with other information about the feature.
  • Record the features user adjusted in Simplon Explorer and reproduce the same actions in the generated source code.
  • Generate code to write all (or a subset of) features supported by the camera (using the current values adjusted in opened session of Simplon Explorer. With or without error handling.
  • Generate entire projects (ready to build and execute) for various application scenarios. In this mode the tool outputs code for a complete image acquisition application, including the camera connection, buffer handling, acquisition control and possibly other tasks such as image display or preprocessing. Each project template is configurable through a set of options and the generated code matches the camera(s) currently opened in Simplon Explorer.
  • Generate the code for Windows or Linux, in C, C++, C#, C++ .NET, VB .NET
  • Generate code for the PicSight-Smart platform. You can connect the PicSight-Smart camera in Simplon Explorer and generate source code to control the given camera from a "smart application", based on PicSight-Smart SDK. Simplon Explorer automatically detects, which features are supported by the PicSight-Smart SDK and which not.