Accessoires For Color Elite Grabbers

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Cab/0.2m/RxE/HDsub-26-male/8xBNC-female19740Connector converter cable, 20cm, to convert HDSub-26-pin male into 8 pcs. BNC connectors female, to be used with our PicPort-Elite boards  
Cab/2m/PPC/Chinch<->Chinch14291Camera cable for PicPort-Color, Chinch<->Chinch, for CVBS-signal connection  
LV-Driver Kit for PicPort and PicSight16027CD with PDF-file of the Installation manual for the PicPort board family, Help files, TWAIN-driver for Windows XP professional, Video for Windows driver for XP professional, camera-editor, div. demo programs  
LV-SDS-Win/Lin for PicPort/PicSight16028   
Optocoupler test board15030for any kind of PicPort including cable, module monitors the state of the up to 8 opto isolated outputs with 8 LEDs, each output connects to its appropriate input to be read back, functionality of every opto isolated I/O can be tested with PP_Demo.exe  
Photoelectr. reflex switch set15000SICK WL12-P1221 photoelectric reflex switch, self adhesive reflective tape & mounting parts. Max. distance between reflector and sensor 4m. Signal sequence min. 1000/sec. Response time <500usec. Ready to use with PicPort-Mono&Stereo, incl. art.-no. 14320