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PicSight USB - USB 2.0 industrial camera

This product is discontinued and can not be ordered anymore!

  • Digital Camera Family with 28 different Sensors
  • 8/10/12bit uncompressed image acquisition
  • Best price/performance ratio on the market
  • Power over USB, no external power supply needed
  • Several Digital I/O for trigger and strobe
  • 16MB of image memory on the camera guaranties lossless image transfer to PC
  • Build in memory allows synchronous image acquisition on several cameras
  • Compact industrial metal housing
  • Easy single cable hardware installation

On each PC or Laptop you purchase today you will find several USB2 compliant connectors. Just plugin PicSight USB and your hardware installation is done. No additional power supply or adapter card is needed, as the lowpower technology of PicSight USB allows to power the camera directly from the PC. 
The internal memory is a key feature for industrial USB cameras. Thanks to the internal memory it is possible to build up a multicamera constellation demanded in industrial image processing applications. By usage of an external trigger signal several cameras may acquire images at the same time and store them on the camera memory temporarly. The error free transfer of the image data from the camera to the PC is handelt by the build in processor to get the best performance over the USB interface.Like this some short sequences of images may be acquired in a speed which is more than the theoretical bandwidth of the USB interface.

Either if you need a simple system with a single digital camera or if you have a more demanding industrial application, PicSight USB with its attractive all over system price is the right choice. 

For PicSight USB we offer the Leutron Vision Software Developers Suite LVSDS to program your image acquisition tasks. This API can be used for all Leutron Vision products and you can combine any hardware interface technology according the demand of each of your applications. More...