Camera Link Frame Grabber




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Camera Link Grabber for

  • PCI-Express bus ×1 or ×4 or PCI/PCI-X Bus as standard board or PMC module
  • Camera Link cameras
  • Up to 2 base or 1 medium cameras
  • Input/output for trigger, flash and shaft encoder
  • Camera power - PoCL SafePower
  • On-board Real-Time Function support
  • Up to 512 MB 1 GB/s frame buffer
  • Multi-taps/packed pixel reformatting
  • 2 hardware LUTs
  • LV-SDS and 3rd party software support

PicPort®-Express-CL, PicPort®-X-CL and PicPort®-X-CL-PMC are members of the LV Camera Link family of products. Each member of this family is a multiple camera frame grabber which supports the Camera Link standard interface. This high-speed board can be used with both line-scan and area-scan Camera Link compatible cameras. It is suitable for both color and monochrome applications and supports high-speed and high-resolution. PicPort®-CL family is cost effective, compact and high performance, meeting the demanding requirements of diverse image processing and machine vision applications.

Leutron Vision supplies you as well with a big choice of PicSight Camera Link cameras to provide the best fit for your application. Using PicSight CL  cameras, you take profit of the PoCL standard which powers your PicSight camera directly from the grabber.

PicPort digital Camera Link Frame Grabber

PicPort CL grabber offers together with a PicSight CL camera the highest image acquisition bandwith into one single PC. Also the latency from the image acquisition trigger until the image is tranfered into the PC memory is the shortest among all the interface technologies. Per grabber board up to 2 cameras can be connected, and depending your mainboard you can install several grabber boards in your PC.

Using one of Leutron Vision's PicPort Camera Link grabbers, you may use the Leutron Vision Software Developers Suite to program your image acquisition tasks. This API can be used for all Leutron Vision products and you can combine any hardware interface technology according the demand of each of your applications. More..