NEW: Intel Atom CPU powered smart camera CheckSight II

Preliminary Specification

CheckSight® II smart cameras are a combination of a high quality industrial camera and a PC running Windows or Linux in a IP65 cabinet. The camera is avaliable with 26 different CCD and CMOS sensors, with resolutions from VGA to 5 Mpixel. It offers Gigabit Ethernet, Wireless LAN (as option), RS232, CANbus, USB2.0, as well as a VGA interface. The CheckSight® uses C- mount lenses and features an integrated DC-iris controller for motorized lenses. The camera has a 600MHz / 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor and 512MB / 1GB onbord DDR2 RAM. It Supports MS Windows or Linux operating systems. CheckSight® II smart cameras bring you high perfomance and high flexibility by giving you the power to use the OS and software you want.

CheckSight II Features

Sensors: 26 monochrome / color sensors available - CCD / CMOS - VGA up to 5 Mpixel
Optical head: C mount
IP: IP65
Connectors: M12
Operating temparature: 0-50°C
Dimensions: ca. 68x37x108mm
Power supply 10-28VDC or PoE
CPU: 600MHz / 1.6GHz Intel Atom E6x0
Onboard SSD: 8GB
Micro-SD slot: yes
Bayer-Decoding: in FPGA hardware
GenTL compliant: yes
OS: Win XPE / Win7E / Ubuntu Linux
Display out analog VGA – Full-HD
Gigabit Ethernet: 1x
Wireless LAN: as option
USB: 1x USB2
Opto input: 4x
Opto output: 3x20mA 1x500mA
TTL input: 1x
TTL input: 1x
RS232 (COM1): 1x
CANbus: 1x
Lens controller: 1x DC iris
LED flash: optional built-in flash ring with 12 power LEDs in lens tube



Software compatibility

The CheckSight® II PC Camera is fully GenICam/GenTL compliant and can be used with all major image processing librares which act as GenTL consumer such as Halcon, Common Vision Blox, MIL and more. The CheckSight® II PC Camera comes with Leutron Vision's Simplon image acquisition software, featuring a fully GenICam/GenTL compliant producer and an image acquisition API including a easy-to-use code generator. Simplon is available for Windows and Linux.