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This was Vision 2010! (15.11.10)

Many visitors wanted to learn more about Leutron Vision´s GigE Vision cameras, smart cameras and about CheckSight PC cameras with Intel Atom processor. Especially the CheckSight gained a lot of attention.

That was hardly surprising, since the CheckSight combines the advantages of a standard PC with Windows or Linux and the small footprint and price of a smart camera.

Everything that runs on a Windows system, can be installed and used on a CheckSight. Everything is like on a normal PC. Applications can be developed directely on the CheckSight. The Simplon Developers Package with it´s source code generator makes this even more easy. Since the CheckSight is fully GenTL compliant, every major image processing library, like Halcon or Common Vision Blox, can also be used.

One of the Demos on the booth showed a CkeckSight working together with PicSight GigE cameras. Besides that, A CheckSight model with two sensor heads was displayed.

We like to thank all of our visitors for their interest and pleasant talks during the exhibition!