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Vision 2009: three smart solutions from Leutron Vision (11.11.09)

Leutron Vision has shown some news on the Vision Show 2009 in Stuttgart: The PicSight Smart GigE cameras can now be used with the Halcon Embedded and OpenCV image processing libraries, all cameras will soon be delivered with the brand new and easy to use Simplon Software Development Suite and the new Intel Atom Processor based CheckSight PC camera extends the line of powerful smart cameras.

Leutron Vision at the Vision Show 2009 in Stuttgart (OpenCV / Halcon on PicSight Smart demo)

OpenCV is a Open Source image processing library, under the BSD License. It offers over 400 image processing related functions and can be used commercially without paying license fees.

Halcon Embedded is the embedded version of the well known Halcon image processing library from MvTec. Halcon provides many functions for applications such as Pattern Matching, Blob Analysis, Morphology, Measuring, Calibration, OCR & OCV, Bar Code & Data Code Reading.

Both libraries can now be used to develop applications for the PicSight Smart GigE camera. This provides PicSight Smart users with powerful tools that ease and speed up the creation of image processing applications.

PicSight Smart becomes smarter (PDF)

Simplon is the name of Leutron Visions brand new Software Development Suite. Simplon's main focus is to provide full advantage of the latest vision industrie's standards, an easy to use API and Rapid Application Development Tools such as the Simplon Source Code Generator, which enables the user to create code snippets for all camera features and even complete application skeletons within minutes.

Simplon Info (PDF)

The new CheckSight PC-camera is a powerful smart camera, based on the Intel Atom processor. It combines industrial camera and PC in a single rigid housing. Besides the usual optocoupler and TTL-I/Os, it offers a GigE Interface, three USB-Ports for connecting peripherals, a DVI-D connector for connecting a Monitor and an Audio-I/O-Port. The integrated lens controller allows to use any C- or CS-mount motorized zoom lens with operating voltages from 10 to 28 volt DC, without the need for additional hardware. The 1.6 GHz Processor runs Windows XP or Linux operating system which offers the freedom do use any Windows or Linux software you want. Just like our PicSight Cameras, the CheckSigt will be available with the vast choice of 26 different CCD or CMOS Sensors with resolutions from VGA up to 5 Mpixel.

CheckSight Info (PDF)