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At the Vision Show in Phoenix 2009 (15.04.09)

Leutron Vision has taken the opportunity to present new products as well as its main product offering at Vision Show 2009, Phoenix AZ, March 31st to April 2nd.

The Phoenix convention center is a brand new building, surrounded by fine hotels and public transportation. Weather was great. This made being away from home very enjoyable.

Here is your virtual visit:

Our well visited large booth.

NEW: PicSight-AS-RTF series, Gigabit Ethernet cameras with integrated motorized lens control.

NEW: PicSight-AR-POE series, Gigabit Ethernet cameras with Power over Gigabit Ethernet. Halcon 9.0 Machine Vision Software running live deformable pattern matching, from a secondary POE camera.

PicSight-Smart series, open architecture Gigabit Ethernet cameras with integrated RISC 32-bit processor. Showing in-camera 3D profiling computation.

The entire 28 sensor offering of the PicSight series. Here, 28 PicSight-AR, Gigabit Ethernet, cameras are streaming images out to a dual-monitor single PC.

Many backlights and a coax-light from PHLOX. NEW SLLUB series, latest ultra bright LEDs 100,000 cd/m2 for a 2”x2”, 50,000 cd/m2 for a 8”x8”

Corona, LED Linear lights from Chromasens. Very high intensity, very good homogeneity, by using a patented parabolic reflector to focus the light from the LEDs.

Aleos, tri-linear color linescan camera from Chromasens. The camera has onboard speed compensation and color adjustment.