Free whitepaper on GigE Vision cameras and network performance

Keywords: GigE Vision, Genicam, Gigabit Ethernet, performance, bandwidth, throughput, overhead, latency, camera, network, filterdriver, switch, cable

This article discusses the most important aspects of the use of PicSight GigE Vision cameras (PicSight-GigE and PicSight-Smart) from perspective of the network performance. The PicSight cameras are fully GigE Vision and GenICam compatible and can thus be used either with Leutron Vision SDK or with any other GigE Vision & GenICam compatible software package. Some of the options discussed below might differ slightly between individual software packages.

Gigabit Ethernet based cameras offer some obvious advantages over competing transport layer technologies:

  • Cost effective solution based on off the shelf components.

  • Long distance connections: 100m per segment, total length practically unlimited.

  • Flexible network configurations, many cameras in a system.

  • High performance, good scalability (via multiple network cards).

  • Excellent interoperability and vendor independence thanks to the GigE Vision and GenICam standards.

On the other hand, potential users are sometimes asking about the CPU load associated with acquisition from GigE cameras, about the system latency (and especially its predictability) and reliability. We'll show that GigE Vision systems demonstrate great performance numbers. With basic understanding of the networking technology and with elementary care for the important factors, the mentioned possible negative effects can be easily eliminated. The small required effort quickly pays off through the advantages that established networking technology offers. This text covers all the important aspects of the network performance that might need to be considered while building the system.

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